Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Adylett Blasting

Got out Saturday at Adylett NC, at Billy Mckindreys place. It was Nuking all day, which meant i got the chance to sail on my newly acquired f2 ride 277 board, and 5.0 sail. This was my first real sesh on a 100l board, and i pretty much sailed all day. I had trouble jibing the board because I am not used to such a narrow board. I only ended up hitting 3 jibes the entire day, but thats better than none. I did get my water starting down pretty good though, considering i went in the water almost every single time i jibed. I also got a chance to work on my jumps, I don't think i got anymore than 3 feet of air, but I did learn to land them with out spinning out. When i jump, i used to spin out everytime, but after saturday I was able to learn to land the board down wind which prevented the spin out. I am still going to spin out some probably, but i am learning. I understand now why everyone likes sailing smaller stuff so much better the board was so much more controlable than my 130l board. I am looking forward to getting some more practice on it so i can hit my jibes, i'm working up to being able to sail in the big bay swell on the windy days.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Windsurfing Curse

Well i'm back in hampton roads and my hectic job is finally over so now i have time to start writing on my blog again. I'm sure most of you have given up even opening up my page lol, i don't blame you. Anyway, since iv been back at school I have been out a handful of times and i have been having the WORST LUCK any one can imagine. I'd like to say i have a windsurfing curse. The reason i say this is because every single time i have gone windsurfing i have broken something! and its starting to piss me off frankly. let me push back a couple months to when i went to the outerbanks this is where i think i aquired my curse. I went out sailing at windmill point in nags head and when i left i forgot to strap my board to my car. So, needless to say my board flew off my car and got all banged up. I was lucky because myboard bounced once and then into grass, so only the starboard rail go damaged, which i have since fixed. That was just the start of the curse. So i get back down to hampton roads and was very excited to be able to start sailing again. My first day out I took my brother to get him hooked on windsurfing and to teach him. on this outing i got a crush in my 460 mast. This is my most widely used mast which as of now is out of order.

The next time i went sailing it was blowing 25 mphish and i decided to go sail with the big dogs at buckroe beach. Buckroe beach is infamous for huge shore break in on shore conditions like it was that day. Needless to say the shore break was 4-5 feet, and it was a blast surfing down the waves and jumping off of them. There was only one problem, I was on my 130 l board with a 7.0 sail. The totally wrong set up for those kind of conditions. It was a blast when i was up and going but turning around with 4-5 foot waves is really difficult for me. So, basically i would go to jibe, eat it with my huge board and sail, let the wind blow me back to shore and beach start and go again..../repeat back and forth.....anyway one of the times i got stuck in a section of the beach which had worst shore break than any of the other parts. the 4-5 footers kept comming very consistantly and there wasn't much of a break for me to get up and go. A set came and slowly turned my board after each wave hit it and i lost control...my gear went into a death roll and snapped my 490 mast and ripped the luff sleeve of my 7.0 sail with it. so far im down a sail and two masts.

So, all i had to sail was my formula gear and my newly aquired 100l board (did not have it yet that day at buckroe) . Basically light wind gear and high wind gear.... i can't rig my 7.0 sail my 8.5 sail or my 6.3 sail because the masts are broken. So i go to sail on a beautiful day blowing 12-15 with my formula gear at anderson park. Anderson park is known for being shallow, but i figured i would just walk out really far with my gear and i would be ok... I get probably a good 100-150 yards off the beach and the water is waste deep at this point. For those of you who know anderson park it was a good 20 yards from the point of the fishing pier. So i hop on my board and get going, and i was ripping, was my first time really comfortably dialed into my formula gear. I go for about 30 yards and .....crunch slam....basically ripped my fin right out of my board and damaged the box. So now my formula board is in need of serious repair to the fin box which is going to be difficult and i can not sail that.

That leaves me with my 100l board and my 5.0 sail and that is all that i can sail at this point. Since, iv broken something new litterally every time iv been sailing the next time i go with that stuff il probably end up breaking that too. I don't know what to say besides i have some kind of bad curse. I finally aquired a nice variaty of sails and boards for a whole range of conditions so that i can sail alot, and now i am basically back to square one until i get some new masts and fix my board. Hopefully know one else gets as bad of luck as i have had this season. I guess pushing the limits in windsurfing is a dumb idea, thats basically why i have broken stuff.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

First day off: SKUNKED

So, yesterday was my first day off from work in 3 weeks, and i decided to take the opportunity to make the 3 hour drive south to windsurf and see my girlfriend. I checked the wind forecasts the night before and between 8 am-12 pm it was supposed to be blowing 12-15; perfect for formula. I left from my house in Northern Virginia at 9:30 that night and arrived at 1 am, ready to wake up in the morning and get some much needed windsurfing in.

The next morning I woke up excited and packed up my car to head out at 8 am. I decided to head to willoughby bay because I was going to be sailing by myself. This turned out to be a big mistake. The wind direction was NNW which sucks for Willoughby, it is off shore and the land acts as a huge wind shadow. I didn't know where else to go, so I decided to take my chances that there was wind out in the middle. Turned out I made the wrong decision

When I got out there it was very leisurely sailing with little gusts that weren't even enough to get me planing. I did get 2 brief 10-15 second planing runs, but not enough to satisfy me. Maybe if I was able to rig my 10.9 sail i would have had a much better time, but an 8.5 was all I had. It was nice to get out on the water at least even though I didn't get my thrills. I also saw dolphins again which was kind of cool. I'm beginning to wonder if the same dolphins swim into willoughby bay daily to feed because i saw dolphins in there a month or so back as well. After about an hour of putting around I decided to cut my losses and go home. I spent the rest of the day hanging out with my Girlfriend, Lindsay, and i ended up having a good time anyway.

what happened to me---->

Monday, May 5, 2008

Formula One-Design Olympics 2012

There has been a lot of heated discussion on starboards forums and in the windsurfing community about the proposed formula one-design for the 2012 Olympics, and I'd like to have a few of my own words about it.

One of the things that I am most interested in is the debate between the RSX sailors and formula sailors that seems to be evolving into a battle. RSX sailors are arguing that taking away the pumping aspect of racing is taking away the Olympic worthiness of the sport because you have to be in optimum physical condition to compete at this sort of 0 mph wind level. Frankly to be modest, this argument is a little self absorbed. I don't blame them for being discouraged because i know they all have worked very hard to reach their physical ability, and i respect them for that. What they have lost site of is; The Olympics is about being COMPETITIVE not being a super human.

Yes, some sports in order to be competitive you need to be in optimum physical shape, but windsurfing is a sailing sport not power lifting, marathon running, or a triathlon. Sailing is about using the wind in a strategic way to work your way around a course and beet your opponents. You don't see World Cup Sailing boats crews pumping their sails to get around a course do you? no.. If the wind is 0 mph you shouldn't be sailing that defeats the purpose. If they want it to be about physical ability invent Stand Up Paddle board racing and go race SUP boards. Lets also not take to much away from formula racing, it is still very physically demanding and your average joe can't just hop on a board go race and not be in any kind of shape. You still need to be in good shape, just not pumping around a race course shape.

Anyone ever heard of the Winter Olympic sport curling? Well if you haven't, it involved sliding a rock across an ice strip and getting it as close to a target as you can, to put it in vague terms. You can't tell me those guys are in optimum physical condition, they can eat doughnuts and do what ever the heck they want. What it does require is a lot of practice, finesse, and a COMPETITIVE drive, that is what competing is about, and that is why curling is in the Olympics. Another couple examples are bowling and archery same kind of idea. RSX racers are basically saying these kind of sports should be thrown out of the Olympics because they do not require being a super human.

I personally have been an athlete my entire life, and up until recently I have been in very good shape. I have been playing sports since I was 4 years old. I started in both football and lacrosse in high school, and I was an NCAA div. 2 lacrosse player (and yes i started in college too). Over the years while playing some of these sports I have learned the biggest toughest guy isn't always the best out there. The best is the person who focuses completely on being the best at what they do by practicing, doing what it takes and having a winning mentality. Physical ability does help you, but it is not everything. It comes down to how bad do you want it? and how hard are you going to work for it? narrowing it down to just how good of shape you are in isn't the answer, and RSX racers should no better than that because they all have worked very hard.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

First Formula Sesh

I got my new board yesterday, and i was able to get my first sesh on it today. At first when i got on the water i was shlogging around with some planing here and there. After about a half hour the wind started to pick up, AND DAMN. 22 mph gusts on a formula board with a bagged out 8.5 sail is SCARY, but freaking fun at the same time. I was doing all i could to hold down the sail even going as far upwind into the wind as i could. At the same time, i swear the fin was acting like a bull and trying to buck me off. It took every muscle in my body to hold everything together to keep from exploding on the water. One time the wind got under my board (i think bc i let off the gas a bit) and the whole damn thing took off like an airplane, i almost wiped out but was able to save it. When I wasn't in a gust it was very relaxing and easy planing which is the main reason i wanted to get a formula board, light wind planing. the average while i was out there was 11-15 mph gusting to up to 22

Lessons learned today:
- i need to invest in an adjustable out-haul so when the wind gets crazy like that i can flatten the sail.
-formula can be a work-out, which is what i want
-you can't give the fin an inch or it will take a mile

Heres my proof of the wind, I was out from 12:45-3

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

New Formula Board Baby!

There she is! My new mistral f2004 formula board! I got it from a friend in WET, he also sold it to me with an after market curtis race fin which was pretty sweet. The ride home was a little sketchy. The board was to big to fit in the car, so i had to strap it to the roof without a roof rack. I had to rap the strap around the roof of my car literally. I opened all the windows and fed the straps threw the car cabin and tightened them down. Luckily i looped the straps threw the board bag handles too because it was a little wobbly driving home. Good times. I was able to make it home with the board in one piece thats all i care about. Since i got this formula board iv come to the realization that i probably shouldn't keep my mistral explosion 130 anymore because the wind range overlaps. I'm thinking about selling it and buying a 100 liter board, but i dono. I love my explosion and i bought it new last fall i'd hate to get rid of it. We'll see i still have to think about it. I'm excited to get some formula action in though! My friend also gave me a 10.9 sail with it. the only thing that sucks is i don't have a mast or boom for it, so its basically useless. I'v been blowing to much money on windsurfing lately so i'm going to be good and just be happy and sail with my 8.5. 520 masts and formula booms are to damn expensive!

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

TOW at Old Dominion University

I got out at Old Dominion University today, which is my stomping grounds (thats my school). My friend Billy Mckindrey and I arrived to nuking 30mph gusts at 49th street beach, and I had to run home and get my 6.3 because I only brought my 7.0. The winds at this spot can be kind of fluky so i was skeptical to rig my 6.3, but billy talked me into it. As i suspected after we were both done rigging (he rigged a 5.6) the wind had droped off to 15-20. We decided to give it a go anyway and we got some planing runs, but we really just didn't have enough sail. It was still a good time there was some decent swell and i got a couple good jumps in, i think i actually cleared the fin on one of them (newbie jumper...). After an hour and a half of sailing i had to call it a day because i had to go pick up my dog from the vet because she got spayed today. poor dog is really out of it now. Billy had enough and came in and rigged his 6.6, after that he was planing for the rest of the time he was on the water. I knew i should have riged the 7.0!!